Exhibition of current works: 2011-2022

‘Paintings without paint’ series

Since 2011,my way with collage I named ‘fabric layerism’  has evolved further into a distinctive niche,eloquently suiting that term, where the medium of paint has been completely omitted. This further challenges and expands the definition of what is ‘painting’, what is ‘collage’ and what is ‘drawing’ ..I support that they are all one and the same thing,as abstract compositions of any medium on a two dimensional surface..There is also the ‘sculptural’ aspect with use of the scissors to cut the fabrics….This series of pictures from that time,displayed below,are made entirely from layered fabrics,pva glue,and various minimal drawing media..A few have some minimal photographic collage added…These latest developments have enabled me even more depth of expression and feeling with my visions of the feminine form… 
Mark Ewenson, 6/2018

Fabric Layerism, paintings without paint: Visions of the feminine form 2011-2022

note: for very close up detail after clicking on an image, click lower right ‘view full size’, then magnify!

Painting the feminine form-2019 statement

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