Fabric Layerism; fabric and mixed media visions ~ Mark Ewenson

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Contact the artist at:  markewenson@gmail.com

       Studio Visits by appointment,Melbourne…Works for sale or sold as indicated


Born in Melbourne,1964 with a family background and some training in both music and visual art,by my teens I was proficient in drawing,piano,guitar,and percussion. At 18 I began an art degree in fine art painting at Prahran Technical College,Melbourne,but at the same time my passion for music took over,so I left the art course and became involved in the inner Melbourne music scene for the next 7 years,specialising in drums with several bands,later with guitar,bass,keyboards,vocals,and soundscape composition,though through this period I kept the visual art going,mainly with drawing… Returning to visual art full time from 1991 onwards,I lived and worked in Venus Bay, Gippsland,Victoria during the 1990’s with my partner and young children,concentrating on painting with the inspiration of that natural environment. Meeting many artists living in that area,one in particular become an important mentor and friend to me; the prominent Australian landscape artist and environmentalist,Neil Douglas. This was a very busy period with many solo and group exhibitons in Melbourne and Gippsland,during which I also completed some music recording projects begun in the 1980’s. Living and working in Melbourne since 2002,I have mainly focused on the development of mixed media painting/collage,specializing in layered textiles with various painting and drawing media,which I have called ‘Fabric Layerism’…With my main ongoing subject of the figure/female form and it’s interaction within interiors and nature,life drawing has become integral with this,with a similar multi layered mixed mediums approach…Since 2011,the ‘Fabric layerim’ pictures have developed into a distinctive niche,containing no paint,entirely comprised of fabrics,pva glue,and some varied drawing media including felt pens…In 2015,I had a multi media exhibition in Melbourne,releasing both a retrospective CD of my visual art; ‘the Art of Mark Ewenson,1981-2014’ and a CD of soundscape music; ’14 Soundscapes 1986-1999; Mark Ewenson. While the Soundscapes CD played,a digital slide projector played the Retrospective Art disc played on the wall,while on the other wall hung a display of several mixed media and Fabric layerism works from recent years…

  Artist’s Statement

I love visual art and music of depth and beauty, from ancient to classical,to modern and contemporary in both fields,and my visual art is a little more profoundly influenced by music than by visual art… I love both representational and abstract painting and sculpture,and I’m passionate about the evolution of mixed media/collage in painting and drawing. Painting is one of humankind’s earliest inventions,so to be a painter/2d artist in the 21st Century is to be a part of an extraordinarily long lineage. For me the ‘ancient’ and ‘modern’ in art exist simultaneously. In my view in this current era of art there is too much separation of the ‘old’ and ‘new’, which can diminish and damage a lot of the content and beauty of art that’s been established over many previous centuries and millennia….Especially in the last 30 years,conceptualism has positioned itself as ‘modern’ and older art forms as ‘dated’…The way I see it,conceptual and installation art are indeed still the newest art forms,beginning with Dada and Surrealism around a century ago,but at the same time the continuing development of romanticism,expressionism,classicism combined with modernism,begun with cubism,abstraction and pop in the same period of the 20th Century have served to keep painting alive and developing in the 21st Century. The late 19th Century and 20th Century was a great new beginning of what painting could be,after the 19th Century invention of photography started to take over painting’s previous role of needing to record and represent things and the world, painting’s meaning could focus much more on aesthetics and beauty with a capital B…The current art world is a strange mixture of,on the one hand,an art ‘industry’ and culture of a mass production of ‘decorative’ painting to mainly serve a function of domestic interior decorating…..and on the other hand a gallery culture primarily for conceptual art, both in painting and installation, which people experience as an event,some of which has much beauty and content in it’s own right,but would not be appropriate in a domestic environment; it is for public entertainment..The result is often a lack validity of beauty in a domestic setting; a very conservative painting culture where ‘pretty’ and ‘safe’ prevail over beautiful and expressive…this is also partly due to a lot of modern architecture and interior design being minimalist or bland; people are hesitant to put expressive art along side minimal ‘design’; ‘original’ with ‘mass produced’..My conclusion is that these two polarities of 21st Century art; design and conceptual,need balancing with more human feeling in domestic art,or the real culture of what makes painting alive,that it needs to maintain risk and ‘edge’ at a grass roots level, is in danger of becoming too marginalised as underground culture. The ‘side lining’ of painting by the art establishment has helped to make it more conservative,along with commercial galleries needing to promote the ‘safe’ in order to sell and to survive as galleries,which in turn effects that mass production of ‘decor’ art; painters often focus on quantity over quality…The art world is corrupted by hyper saturation and absurd market value at the top…more than ever artistic and aesthetic content needs it’s own assessment and value for the beauty of the new painting movements to survive and flourish in our era….
Mark Ewenson 6/2018      
  • Below: Mark Ewenson at Mount Warning summit,sketching Byron Bay in the distance  (with respect to the indigenous owners of this land),NSW 2014

mount warning summit,Mark drawing

Curriculum Vitea

  • D O B:             7/9/1964
  • Education:      1981-82  Studied art at Huntingdale Technical college,Melbourne
  •  1983   Studied fine art painting at Prahran technical college,Melbourne
  • 1984-1990  MUSIC ; Full time musician; percussionist/multi instrumentalist in various art rock,jazz,experimental groups and soundscape recording artist,Melbourne…(see music C.V)
  • 1991                 Bakers Cafe ,Fitzroy,Melbourne
  • 1994                 Joan Gough Studio Gallery- Contemporary Art Australia
  • 1996                 Darebin Arts Centre,Preston -Melbourne.
  • 1997                Darebin Arts Centre,Pretston- Melbourne.
  • 1998                 Hotel Sofitel- Cafe La,Collins St. Melbourne. (work purchased by Sofitel)
  • 1999                 Fitzroy Gallery,Fitzroy,Melbourne
  • 1999                Rippleside Gallery,Inverloch,Victoria.
  • 2000                Silkstone Gallery,Korumburra,Victoria.
  • 2001-02          Tsunami Cafe,Inverloch,Victoria
  • 2003                 Muse Bar Gallery, East St.Kilda,Melbourne
  • 2004                 Studio Gallery exhibition,Elwood,Melbourne
  • 2006                 Online Gallery launch: markewenson.com
  • 2006                Gallery 112, St.Kilda,Melbourne.
  • 2009                 Online Gallery launch: markewenson-artist.com
  • 2011                 Andrianakis- Fitzroy Gallery,Fitzroy,Melbourne.
  • 2015                 The Breslin Gallery,Carnegie,Melbourne…Art/Music retrospective;Art ebook retrospective disc,1981-2014…’14 Soundscapes’ music CD,1986-1999.
  • 2018                Updated website for markewenson-artist.com: Fabric Layerism-Fabric and mixed media visions of the feminine form…
  • 1991-93             Exhibited in several group shows around Gippsland,Victoria: Meeniyan,Phillip Island,Fish Creek,Tarwin Lower (first prize,best local painting award)
  • 1993                  Majoring in group show with Neil Douglas,John Quinn-Venus Bay Gallery,Venus Bay,Victoria.
  • 1995                   Finalist- Herald/Sun art prize,Melbourne- judges: Leo Schofield,Sally Smart,Alex Holt,Simon Plant.
  • 1995-96             Gretz Gallery,Albert Park-Melbourne
  • 1995-97              Contemporary Art Australia travelling group show to Paris France and Puge Rostang,South of France.
  • 1998-99             Represented by Dempsters Gallery,Canterbury,Melbourne.
  • 1999                   Venus Bay artists showcase,Venus Bay,Victoria
  • 1998                   Jackman Gallery-group exhibition in conjunction with website launch for ‘Artists Online’; one of Australia’s first commercial online galleries.
  • 1998-2001         ‘Artists Online’ website gallery – Jackman Gallery, St.Kilda,Melbourne
  • 2000                   ‘New Energies’ -Artists showcase- Leongatha,Victoria.
  • 2001                   ‘New Energies’ Gippsland artists – Chapel off Chapel,Prahran,Melbourne.
  • 2000-/01             Dunes Gallery, Inverloch, Victoria.
  • 2004                    ‘Spirit of place’ – Gallery 112, St.Kilda, Melbourne.
  • 2005                    Affordable Art fare with Gallery 112- Exhibition Buildings,Melbourne.
  • 2006-08              Gallery 112- St.Kilda, Melbourne
  • 2009-14             Louey & Lane gallery, Glen Huntly – Melbourne.
  • 2009                   20th Anniversary,Life Models Society- Dantes Gallery,Fitzroy,Melbourne.
  • 2009                  Lord Ivy Lounge- Flinders Lane,Melbourne
  • 2011                   ‘Beauty’  Collingwood Gallery, Collingwood, Melbourne.
  • 2011                    Carbon Black gallery- Prahran- Melbourne.
  • 2012                   Princes Hill Community Centre,Princes Hill, Melbourne
  • 2013                   ‘Freedom’   Collingwood Gallery,Collingwood, Melbourne.
  • 2013                   ‘Eclectica’  Breslin Gallery, Carnegie, Melbourne.
  • 2013-18              Nexus Modern Art- Online Gallery, Melbourne- ‘Emerging Artists’
  • 2018                   –People’s Choice award- Glen Eira Artists Society annual group exhibition,Caulfield Arts Complex,Melbourne.
  • 2018                    Bluethumb Online Gallery….’Featured Artist’
  • Nov 1993            Sentinel Times-South Gippsland
  • Jan   1994           The Star-South Gippsland
  • July  1994           National Gallery Society magazine-Melbourne
  • July  1994           Radio interview with Bill Hartley,3CR- ‘Art Attack’
  • Spring 1994       Art and Australia magazine
  • May 1996           Sentinel Times-South Gippsland
  • March 1997       Sentinel Times-South Gippsland
  • June 1997           Preston Post Times-Melbourne
  • Feb 1998             At the Sofitel-Melbourne
  • Feb 1999            Herald-Sun, Melbourne
  • March 2000       Village Crier-Korumburra,Gippsland
  • June 2000          New Energies-artists showcase,Leongatha,Gippsland
  • June 2000          The Star-South Gippsland,Victoria
  • March 2001       Sentinel Times-South Gippsland
  • March 2003      Port Phillip Leader-Melbourne
  • Nov  2006          Port Phillip Leader-Melbourne
  • Nov  2006          Art Almanac – Australia
  • Oct   2011          Port Phillip/Glen Eira Leader-Melbourne
  • 2013                  ‘The Art and The Curious’; online art blog by Celeste Hawkins
  • 2013                   Port Phillip Leader-Melbourne
  • 2015                   The Breslin Gallery-online newsletter
  • PRIVATE-          Melbourne,Sydney,Bribane,Adelaide,Perth,Gippsland,London,USA.
  • PUBLIC-            SOFITEL Art Collection,Australia

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