Fabric Layerism; fabric and mixed media visions ~ Mark Ewenson

Fabric layerism; fabric and mixed media visions of the feminine form 1999-2018

An overview; all the fabric and mixed media figure images together as a unified statement .

Fabric Layerism

Since the late 1990’s I’ve been developing a way of mixed media/collage I call ‘Fabric Layerism’ where the collage elements dominate the structure and surface area of the picture. It involves combining paint with with many types of colored,patterned and textured fabrics,and sometimes colored and reflective papers,photography and found objects.In more recent works, paint is omitted from a picture altogether..It is extending on some of the collage ideas of the 20th Century,particularly Matisse,who with his later paper cut out works used scissors as expressively as drawing and sculpting..In the ’90’s I began by adding fragments of various collage to a painting,similar to the way Australian artist Whiteley did in his work…Over time I realised that cutting out larger areas of fabric in fluid shapes which follow the form of an object; i.e vase,tree,figure etc was a great starting point for a picture..This then progressed to focus on the female form as main subject,often building several layers of fabric to get unique painterly effects,then adding paint later and even more collage. The fabric bases also act as ‘canvases’ in their own right,supplying a variety of textures and patterns to then paint on . This is a similar process to traditional oil or acrylic painting where one can paint several layers until one arrives at the desired image but with the added unique reflective and textured effects of fabrics etc..The paints and brushes are largly replaced by scissors and glue. To a degree this was done in Cubism,Pop and Abstract Expressionism,the difference being that Fabric Layerism is more in line with a post modern re-entry into representation; though my images are representational,there is plenty of abstraction within the picture,with the layerism being horizontal as well as virtical,there are interesting tensions where areas of fabric meet with areas of paint.
Mark Ewenson,2012
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 This gallery contains all of the ‘painted’ images of the figure from 1999-2018 together in random order to show the relationships between works done with a mixture of fabrics,painting and other collage..next to more recent works made with only layered fabrics and some drawing media…Below is another gallery with close up details. To see very close up detail,click on the ‘view full size’ link in each picture info,then click again on the image to magnify…



                                                    Close up details