Music: 1980’s/’90’s

Mark Ewenson ~ 14 Soundscapes- 1986-1999/with Fabric layerism art series- 1999-2019

This 71 minute clip is a ‘pairing’ of my solo album music ; ’14 Soundscapes 1986-’99’, a series of industrial/psychedelic/ambient 4 track reel to reel tape recordings made in Melbourne and Venus Bay, Victoria, Australia…in combination with my visual art series; ‘Fabric and mixed media visions of the feminine form’ between the late 1990’s and 2019 I’ve called ‘Fabric Layerism’..


 Living Room ~1988-2000

Audio album:  ‘Living Room’ was mainly a recording and songwriting  duet of Chris Hill (songwriter) (Vocals, guitar, Xylophone, cornet, effects/recording) and Mark Ewenson(bass, percussion, guitar, piano, vocals, effects/recording) between 1988-2000 in Melbourne and Gippsland, with a few briefly performing bands which included other musicians(see C.V below), with Mark Ewenson as drummer, and Chris Hill as vocalist/guitarist


Song info:

1.(00:00) .Louissa Theresa (1990-Mark Ewenson-bass/percussion/tapes & Chris Hill-guitar/vocals), 2.(3:43) .Sixteen(1990-Chris Hill-guitar/vocals & Mark Ewenson-bass/percussion/tapes), 3.(7:40).Buddha (2000-Chris Hill-guitar/vocals, Mark Ewenson-percussion and Nic Heraclides-bass,(the band ‘The Living Room’ 1999/2000), 4.(12:07) Love Song (1990-Chris Hill-guitar/vocals, & Mark Ewenson-bass/percussion/tapes, 5.(16:00).The Wanderer (1990-Chris Hill – guitar/vocals & Mark Ewenson-bass/percussion/tapes), 6.(19:50) You (1989-Chris Hill-vocals/xylophone & Mark Ewenson- guitar/vocals/bass/percussion/tapes), 7.(23:13). Eternity (1988-Chris Hill-guitar/vocals/cornet & Mark Ewenson- percussion/guitar/piano/tapes), 8.(25:30).Mellow Thing (1995- Chris Hill-guitar/vocals, Mark Ewenson- percussion, Jo Dodds-vocals/keyboards, Nick Fisher-bass (the band ‘Jezebell’ 1995/96)

See also ‘Room’/Chris Hill, with current and past recordings and history:

242.1980's statement

              picture behind text: ‘Hadrin Beach,Ko Phan Ghan,Thailand’ 1987,ink and pencil on paper on board


Music C.V

List of groups-Melbourne

1984-85 ‘Mental Health Foundation’ original art rock/post punk/jazz; Tom Fielding/saxophone/vocals,John Turner/bass/vocals,Renn Barker/synth/vocals,Mark Ewenson/drums/synth.

1985 Drummer in jazz soundtrack for short film with Kate Ceberano-‘Love Della’ which was nominated for AFI award…with musicians Jex Saarelaht, Greg Osborne, Leo Dale…Film maker,Graham Wood.

1985 ‘Mouths’ original art rock/post punk/jazz Micheal Sheridan/guitar/percussion,Bill McDonald/bass,Mark Ewenson/drums/synth…Series of performances with several vocalists and release of cassette; ‘All the Voices’ recorded at Prince of Wales St.Kilda by radio 3PBS.

1985-86 ‘Alloy’ original art rock/post punk/jazz David Brown/bass/vocals,Gavan Dunn/saxophone/vocals/keyboards,Mark Ewenson/drums/synth,James Boddington/bass,Chris Knowels/keyboards,Phillip Thompson/drums,Jenny Peake/cello’

1986-87 ‘Melbourne Stuff’ vinyl compilation album(Chase Records) produced by Gus Till and Simon Polinski. Several inner Melbourne bands and artists from the mid – late ’80’s including ‘NO’ (with Ollie Olsen,Micheal Sheridan,Marie Hoy),Nick Barker,Hugo Race,and ‘Shower Scene from Psycho’…Our contribution was an art/rock/industrial song with group ‘Hazchem’-composed by Gavan Dunn/vocals/keyboards/saxophone,with Mark Ewenson/drums,Mick Dick/bass

1986-87 ‘Mulch’ original art rock/post punk/jazz David Brown/bass/vocals,Mark Ewenson/drums,Tom Fielding/saxophone/vocals..1988 Melbourne cassette compilation: ‘Centipede 88’

1987-88-89 Songwriting/recording collaboration ‘Living Room’ original art/rock songs Chris Hill/vocals/guitar/bass/cello/cornet,Mark Ewenson/bass/guitar/drums/piano

1989 Cassette release : original ambient/psychedelic/industrial 4-track soundscape compositions-1986-89.

1990 ‘You’ original art/rock/grunge Chris Hill/vocals/guitar,Mark Ewenson/bass,Marcus Cristina/drums

1995-96 ‘Jezebell’ original art/rock Chris Hill/songs/vocals/guitar,Nick Fisher/bass,Jo Dodds/keyboards/vocals,Mark Ewenson/drums

1999-2000 ‘The Living Room’ original art/rock trio-Chris Hill/songs/guitar/vocals,Nic Hereclides/bass,Mark Ewenson/drums (Melbourne and Venus Bay,Vic)

2003 ‘Living Room’ original art/rock duo-Chris Hill/songs/guitar/vocals,Mark Ewenson/drums..Semi finalist in song writing comp; ‘Wax Lyrical’,Esplanade hotel St.Kilda,Melbourne

2003-06 Ocassional drummer with ‘Gerry and the G-strings’ varied line up with Gerry Grabau/songwriter/guitar/vocals..St.Kilda,Melbourne

2012 ’14 Soundscapes’ 1986-99 –original ambient/industrial/psychedelic completed CD album of soundscape compositions began in 1986

2012 ‘Living Room’ original art/rock completed CD’s; Anthology and EP

  • Bibliography / Media

1984  The Age newspaper, entertainment section: ‘Mental Health Foundation’ voted band name of the week!..

1985  The Age newspaper, review by Adrian Jackson for band ‘Mouths’ as part of Melbourne Modern Jazz Festival.

1985  The Age newspaper, review in entertainment section for ‘Mouths-All the Voices’ series of performances,St.Kilda.

1985  ‘Mouths’ interview live on Melbourne community radio 3PBS for the ‘All the Voices’ project and cassette which they kindly sponsored and recorded.

1986  Promotion and broadcast of Kate Ceberano short film with jazz soundtrack,’Love Della’ on Australian pop music show, ‘Rock Arena’

1989  Live interview on Melbourne radio 3CR by Terry McDermott for cassette release of Mark Ewenson solo soundscape music

2003  Band ‘Living Room’ duet version of Chris Hill,Mark Ewenson recorded live for Channel 31 at Esplanade hotel St.Kilda as part of series of performances for song writing comp; ‘Wax Lyrical’

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