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Mark Ewenson

Art is the language of seeing.

- Mark Ewenson (1999)

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list of groups in Melbourne, Australia

*1984/85'Mental Health Foundation'Tom Feilding/saxophone/vocals,John Turner/bass/vocals
Mark Ewenson/drums/synthesiser,Ren Barker/synthesiser/vocals
*1985plays drums on soundtrack for short film 'Love Della' starring Kate Ceberano
*1985'Mouths'Micheal Sheridan/guitars/percussion,Bill McDonald/bass,Mark Ewenson/drums
Series of performances and release of cassette album 'All The Voices'in which many vocalists performed with 'Mouths'
*1985/86'Alloy'David Brown/bass,James Boddington/bass,Gavan Dunn/saxophone/ vocals/keyboards,Mark Ewenson/drums
*1986'Alloy'(2)David Brown/bass/vocals,Gavan Dunn/saxophone/keyboards/vocals
Mark Ewenson/drums,Phillip Thompson/drums,Jenny Peake/cello,Chris Knowels/keyboards
*1986begins solo sound composing
*1987'Melbourne Stuff Album'records song for compilation album(vinyl)'Melbourne Stuff' with group 'Hazchem';
Gavan Dunn/vocals/saxophone/keyboards,Mick Dick/bass,Mark Ewenson/drums
*1986/87'Mulch'Tom Feilding/saxophone/vocals,David Brown/bass/vocals,Mark Ewenson/drums
*1987begins ongoing songwriting/recording collaboration with Chris Hill,later to be named 'The Living Room'
*1988song by 'Mulch' on compilation cassette album 'Centipede '88'
*1989'Solo Sound Compositions'release of solo casstte album of 'sound compositions'
*1990'You'Chris Hill/vocals/guitar,Mark Ewenson/bass,Marcus Cristina/drums
*1995/96'Jezebell'Chris Hill/vocals/guitar,Jo Dodds/vocals/keyboards,Nick Fisher/bass,Mark Ewenson/drums
*1999/2000'The Living Room'Chris Hill/vocals/guitar,Nick Hericledes/bass,Mark Ewenson/drums
(Melbourne and Venus Bay,Victoria)
*2000completed album of songs with 'The Living Room'
*2003'The Living Room',finalist in Melb.songwriting competition,'Wax Lyrical'-live performance filmed for channel 31
*2003-2006occasional drummer with 'Gerry and the G stings',with Gerry Grabau/vocals/guitar
*2012'Mark Ewenson 14 Soundscapes'completed CD album
*2012'Living Room'Anthology and EP