(by the artist)
Mark Ewenson

It takes a good painter to convey his vision into our consciousness. As we travel through the painter's landscapes or map his faces, they return to us as in a reverie. This leaves us wondering whether the artist has captured the essence of the life scape, or whether it is he who has been captured. Abstracts, flowers, interiors, rivers, figures, faces, bush........

The freedom, loveliness and conviction of his line is the stream which flows through the course of all his subjects. This is innately Ewenson.

- Neil Douglas, MBE Art and Conservation (1997)

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music c.v

list of groups in Melbourne, Australia

*1984/85'Mental Health Foundation'Tom Feilding/saxophone/vocals,John Turner/bass/vocals
Mark Ewenson/drums/synthesiser,Ren Barker/synthesiser/vocals
*1985plays drums on soundtrack for short film 'Love Della' starring Kate Ceberano
*1985'Mouths'Micheal Sheridan/guitars/percussion,Bill McDonald/bass,Mark Ewenson/drums
Series of performances and release of cassette album 'All The Voices'in which many vocalists performed with 'Mouths'
*1985/86'Alloy'David Brown/bass,James Boddington/bass,Gavan Dunn/saxophone/ vocals/keyboards,Mark Ewenson/drums
*1986'Alloy'(2)David Brown/bass/vocals,Gavan Dunn/saxophone/keyboards/vocals
Mark Ewenson/drums,Phillip Thompson/drums,Jenny Peake/cello,Chris Knowels/keyboards
*1986begins solo sound composing
*1987'Melbourne Stuff Album'records song for compilation album(vinyl)'Melbourne Stuff' with group 'Hazchem';
Gavan Dunn/vocals/saxophone/keyboards,Mick Dick/bass,Mark Ewenson/drums
*1986/87'Mulch'Tom Feilding/saxophone/vocals,David Brown/bass/vocals,Mark Ewenson/drums
*1987begins ongoing songwriting/recording collaboration with Chris Hill,later to be named 'The Living Room'
*1988song by 'Mulch' on compilation cassette album 'Centipede '88'
*1989'Solo Sound Compositions'release of solo casstte album of 'sound compositions'
*1990'You'Chris Hill/vocals/guitar,Mark Ewenson/bass,Marcus Cristina/drums
*1995/96'Jezebell'Chris Hill/vocals/guitar,Jo Dodds/vocals/keyboards,Nick Fisher/bass,Mark Ewenson/drums
*1999/2000'The Living Room'Chris Hill/vocals/guitar,Nick Hericledes/bass,Mark Ewenson/drums
(Melbourne and Venus Bay,Victoria)
*2000completed album of songs with 'The Living Room'
*2003'The Living Room',finalist in Melb.songwriting competition,'Wax Lyrical'-live performance filmed for channel 31
*2003-2006occasional drummer with 'Gerry and the G stings',with Gerry Grabau/vocals/guitar
*2012'Mark Ewenson 14 Soundscapes'completed CD album
*2012'Living Room'Anthology and EP