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Mark Ewenson

Simplicity and beauty in art is often past off as trivial and shallow. Of course it is often where there is the most depth.

- Mark Ewenson (2009)

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Since the late 1990's I have been developing a method of mixed media painting I call Fabric Layerism, where the collage elements dominate the composition,structure and surface area of the picture.It involves combining paint with many types of colored,patterned and textured fabrics and sometimes paper,photography and found objects. It is an extension of some of the collage ideas and techniques from 20th century art, particularly Matisse who with his paper cutout works began using scissors as expressively as drawing and painting.

In the '90's I began by cutting out small fragments of found paper or cloth and adding them to paintings. Over time I came to realize that cutting out larger areas of fabric in fluid shapes which follow the forms of the objects represented; i.e vase, tree, female form, hill etc was a great starting point for a painting.This then progressed to often building several layers to get unique painterly effects, then adding paint later and sometimes even more collage.The fabric bases also act as unique 'canvases' in there own right, supplying a variety of textures and patterns to then 'paint' on.This is a similar process to traditional painting where one can paint several layers until arriving at the desired image.The paints and paint brushes are largely replaced by scissors and glue.To a degree this was done in Cubism, Pop Art and Abstract Expressionism.The difference being that Fabric Layerism is more in line with a post modern re-entry into figuration.

Though my images are primarily representational, the Fabric Layerism make for plenty of abstraction 'within' the picture (see details), with the 'layerism' being horizontal as well as vertical; there are many interesting tensions where the edges of fabrics meet up with areas of paint (see also Yasmin Series on sister site).

If you are interested in independent perspective, see what Celeste Hawkins has to say in her blog, 'The Art and The Curious'.

Mark Ewenson 2012

fabric layerism


More Examples of Fabric Layerism