(by the artist)
Mark Ewenson

Painting has a way of connecting to the primal and organic that all the electronic visual mediums lack.

- Mark Ewenson (2009)

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Born in 7 September 1964 in Melbourne, Mark was raised in an artistic and musical family, and starting drawing and painting from an early age.He also developed a passion for music, learning drums, piano and guitar.In 1981-82 he studied art and design at Huntingdale Tech,Melbourne,and in 1983 studied painting at Prahran tech,Melb.At this time he decided to become a full time musician. From 1983 to 1990 he played drums, guitar and bass and was a performer/composer/recording artist in jazz, alternative and rock music genres in Melbourne. During this time he always maintained a passion for drawing, especially figure and portraiture.

In 1987 a brief trip to Asia and then six months in 1988 living in Northern New South Wales inspired a deeper interest in drawing and landscape. This developed more fully after moving to Venus Bay(Vic) in 1991. That year, never having exhibited before, Mark had a successful exhibition of 22 drawings in Fitzroy, Melbourne.

Living in Venus Bay provided the ideal setting for soaking up the natural environment of coastal Gippsland, and the perfect inspiration(along with,in 1993,becoming father of twin boys) to 'become a painter'. Mark then immersed himself in painting,predominantly landscape,and became a full-time artist.

Also in 1993 he met the prominent landscape artist and environmentalist Neil Douglas, who also lived in Venus Bay. Neil became a close friend and mentor. They exhibited together, and with other local artists, including Mae Adams, John Quinn, Michelle de Gruchi, Julia Price and Kevin Mortenson.

In 1994 he met Joan Gough, founder of Contemporary Art Australia (CAA), which was a 'breakaway' group from the Contemporary Art Society (founded by George Bell in 1938), formed as non-profit organization providing a weekly forum for artists to discuss their work. In 1994 he mounted a large solo exhibition at CAA in South Yarra Melbourne, mostly naturescapses, and for the first time he moved in mixed media collage which was to become a major focus of his artistic practice.

From 1995-97 he participated in several group shows with other CAA artists, including Joan Gough, Ian Hance and Peter Walker. One of these exhibitions traveled to France.

Residing mostly in Venus Bay up to 2000, Mark produced a large body of work and had several further solo and group exhibitions. During this period he began to experiment more with mixed media collage. In 1995 he was finalist in the Herald Sun Art Competition, and exhibited with 30 of the other finalists, including Jon Campbell, Nick Howson, David Laity, Adrianne Strampp and Linda Cotrell.

In 1997 Mark was selected through the 'Contempora 5' Competition Committee at the National Gallery of Victoria to exhibit a solo show at the Sofitel Hotel in central Melbourne. Sofitel purchased one of the paintings for its permanent collection.

From 1998-2001 he participated in Melbourne's first online gallery website, 'Artists On Line', which operating in conjunction with the Jackman Gallery and artists including David Laity, Monica Adams and Ann Holt. The website was launched with an exhibition in the Jackman Gallery, St. Kilda.

In 2002 Mark returned to Melbourne to further his artistic career. From 2004-2008 he was exhibited at Gallery 112 in St. Kilda, along with artists including Peter Ferrier, Gary Soloman, Tony Sowesby and David Bromley. He held a major solo exhibition at Gallery 112 in 2006, and launched his own website of figure paintings from this exhibition. These works featured a unique application of exotic fabrics, paper collage and oil paint.

From 2008 he has continued to expand this website and to develop his unique style of mixed media collage in figurescapes, flowerscapes, landscapes and still life works.